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Marjorie Scooler of Charleston, SC is a member of the prestigious Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).  As the owner of  Famiiiar Elegance since 1997, Marjorie is an  expert in room makeovers, interior decorating, redesign, and home staging (also known as a "Move-In Miracle", "using what you already own decorating", and "One-day decorating").  She has appeared in two episodes of Home and Garden TV (HGTV) - Decorating Cents as well as having been featured twice in the Sunday Home Section of Charleston's Post & Courier.   
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1.   Painting Rooms ... angles & slanted ceilings,  
      treat that area as a wall - will make the room
      appear larger.

2.   Decorate Naturally ... Something as simple as an
      oddly shaped tree branch found on a hike could
      easily become a unique sculptural centerpiece ...
      use in a vase...place on a mantle, side table, or floor.

3.   "Rule of 3"... Odd numbers in arrangement /
      accessories - more pleasing to look at than
      even numbers.

4.   Liven Up with Art / Picture Arrangement ... 
      Hang Art / Pictures low enough to complement 
      furniture.  Hanging pictures at eye level only in a
      hallway or art gallery.

5.   Consider the 5th Wall ... Paint the Ceiling - 
      Don't dismiss the the ceilng with a coat or two of 
      white paint.  Pick a predominant color from the 
      room or same color and paint the ceiling. 
      Never Underestimate the Power of Color.
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6.   " The Bowling Alley Affect"... Do Not line        
       furniture along wall - move furniture into room.

7.   Accent Color ...  Use black to create Drama /
      Sophistication - e.g., black lamp shade or
      black candles

8.   5 Senses ... Incorporate in the room:  Sight -
      Sound - Smell - Taste - Touch.

9.   Focal Point ... Most prominent elements of a 
      room - e.g. fireplace, a large piece of furniture,
      or view out the windows.  Furniture should be
      arranged around or facing focal point.

10. "Wow" Factor ... Add humor / or a surprise - to a 
      room - will create interest and put a "zing"
      to the room. 
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